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Relationship Revolution
Allison Orlovsky

Welcome to Relationship Revolution

Reignite, level up & nurture the partnership, passion and play in your relationship/marriage!

"Do the easy things first, then the other things come more easily!"

What if creating a fabulous relationship doesn't have to be hard?  Or expensive? Or time consuming? 

What if just took a decision to want it to be better and a few minutes of intentional time? (on a consistent basis, for best results).

What didn't even need your partner's buy-in? 🤯 

Would you be "in" for creating a relationship full of passion, play and partnership? 

If your answer is "hell yes", you're in the right place!  

Keep reading to learn more!

Our relationship with our partner/spouse is one of the most impactful relationships we have in our life, yet it feels like one of the most challenging to nurture and take care of. Two grown adults, living together, coming from different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and dreams, trying to make a life together. 

Add in responsibilities, expectations and obligations for our kids, our careers, our families and we often (unintentionally) put our partner and our relationship toward the bottom of our priority list. 

We often end up lonely, misunderstood, frustrated, resentful, angry or maybe just feeling like "it's fine", being roommates, rather than soulmates.

Here's the thing:  

We are taught how to take care of our home, our cars and even our kids, but not necessarily our relationships. 

And that's exactly why I created Relationship Revolution!


 "If you're going to be in a relationship, it should be a GREAT one!"

As a relationship coach, I've really listened to what both people want and don't want.  Here's what I've learned:

People DO want:

✅ To feel the excitement, passion and connection that they used to feel when they were first together.

✅ To make their relationship a priority, but without having to add a bunch of work to an already full plate.

✅ To learn how to improve aspects of their relationship (communication, partnership, finances, sex etc), but without having to air all their dirty laundry to a therapist or coach.

People DON'T want:

❌ To be told what to do, by their partner or therapist/coach

❌ To spend hours in a therapists/coach's office, especially if they've been forced by their partner to attend.

❌ To spend a lot of money on therapy/programs/courses that they aren't bought into because they aren't sure if they'll work or because their partner wanted them to participate.

And so after all that listening, I created Relationship Revolution!

Here's what you'll get:

💫 Daily, simple tips, tricks, reminders, and suggestions that will help get you unstuck and reconnected with your partner  (and texted to you as well, if you choose).  Think it's a cool idea? Then do it! Not feeling it? Take a pass.  It's up to you! 

💫 Topic specific classes that can help you improve certain areas of your relationship, when you need them.  You can take them at face value, or tailor them to work for you.

💫 A supportive, PRIVATE community in which which we can all share our collective relationship wisdom to support each other, without judgement (yes, that includes sex/intimacy, too!).

💫 AND a place where you can just take what you need anonymously, without any expectations, if that's more your style.

💫 A community led by a trained coach, which means:

  • An expert in relationships to give you guidance without telling you what you should do.
  • Focus on helping people move their relationship FORWARD, to create a relationship that is meaningful and fulfilling to each individual.
  • Keeping the energy of this group solution-oriented to our challenges (i.e. this is not a place to bitch for bitching's sake). 
  • Opportunities for laser 1:1 coaching, when it feels supportive for you. 

Here's what you won't get:

🚫 Anyone intimidating or shaming you into doing things your heart isn't feeling.

🚫 Anyone expecting you to share what you don't want or aren't ready to share.

🚫 A big bill for doing something you don't really want to do.

After two marriages, two divorces, two blended families, and more dating that I care to admit before I finally created an amazing relationship with an amazing man, I've learned is that there are some fundamental ideas that make all the difference in creating a great relationship, and I want to share them with you!

I want to share those philosophies and perspectives that will help you level up the passion, play and partnership in your relationship. 

We will share simple, quick tips, tricks and reminders that you can take "as is" or tailor to your own relationship.  They are all meant to be suggestions, not orders (because no one likes to be told what to do or how to do it).

I will share the things that were game-changers for me.  I will share my own stories of my own realizations, failures and successes from ALL my relationships to help normalize relationships for you and to inspire you to create one that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

We'll talk about ALL the things - communication, chores, finances, sex & intimacy (oh-yeah! one of the best parts!), keeping the fun and passion alive, staying connected, and how to remain true to ourselves and our dreams inside of a relationship/marriage.

In additional, I hope it spurs conversation and connection within this group.

I want this space to be supportive to all members.  I want us to be a solution-oriented community, in which we share new possible ways to be in our relationship, our own tips, tricks, relationship "hacks" if you will, that others can try out for themselves.

I also want this space to be fun, playful, not-so-complicated and heavy.  It's powerful to find humor in the day to day, in the things that drive us crazy in our relationships. 

 I want this space to be the place where you come to either level up where you're at (because taking care of something all along is much easier than fixing it when it's falling apart) or re-ignite your relationship, to get it un-stuck and back on the tracks, so that you're moving closer together, which then makes it easier to emotionally, physically and mentally reconnect your caboose to your partner's. :-) 

Our relationships are living, breathing things, always changing as we change, our partners change and our life circumstances change.  I want a place that we can come to get support, inspiration, and understanding as we navigate through these new places and experiences in our relationships. 

One of my philosophies is:

"Start with the easy things because then the other things will come more easily".  

If you're a "hell yes" for this, then this is the place for you.  

Also, I believe we have so much more power and influence over creating the relationship we want than we realize.  

Trust me, this isn't about controlling, strong-arming, guilting or nagging your partner.  There are loving, kind, respectful ways that we can impact and design our relationship that is supportive and meaningful to us. 

What this all means is that you don't need to have your partner's buy-in or participation in this community to make your relationship better!   

I'd LOVE for you to join us! It breaks my heart to see so many people settle in their relationships, feeling lost, lonely, frustrated, resentful, or just "checked out". Our relationships impact our lives in SO many ways. 

While I realize not every relationship is meant to be saved, it's my hope that by participating in this community, you'll be able to create a fulfilling, meaningful relationship, full of passion, play and partnership that never grows old, even when you do! 



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